We offer a highly comprehensive range of specialized remediation chemicals. Our proprietary chemistry covers the full range of requirements from basic cleaning and degreasing through to full blown remediation. All our chemicals have been awarded the prestigious Green Tag International accreditation.

MX-60 Degreaser

MX-60 Quick Break Degreaser

MX-60 is a water soluble, powerful, fast acting quick break degreaser that is especially designed to lift oil, grease and other hydro carbon soils, and then release the oil again so it can be more efficiently separated in an oil separation tank.

MX-70 Hydrocarbon Encapsulator

MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor

MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor is a complex blend of mineral silicates designed to neutralise oils and other hydrocarbons for safe disposal. MX-70 Hydrocarbon convertor encapsulates the hydrocarbon chains in a silica matrix resulting in harmless reaction products such as organo silicates.

MX - 80 Hydrocarbon Remediator

MX-80 Hydrocarbon Remediator

MX-80 Hydrocarbon Remediator is a complex blend of proprietary chemistry and remediation additives, offering rapid reductions of a broad spectrum of organic pollutants, with the combined benefits of the rapid reaction rate of chemistry, combined with the security of long in situ remediation cutting labour transport, and disposal fees.